Sunday, August 23, 2009

Income Tax Voluntary

I was listening to an interview with Senator Harry Reid. He was explaining to a journalist that our income tax system was voluntary. When the reporter continually pressed him on the issue, he told him that in other countries, you cannot go out and buy a house to deduct the interest against your taxes and you don't have to file an income tax return (therefore taxes are mandatory), but because in America we have tax deductions and have to file an income tax return our taxes were voluntary. I wonder if I can write a letter to the IRS explaining to them that since taxes are voluntary and in these economic times things are hard if I can forgo my voluntary contribution this year.

Can you believe these are the people we have representing us in Congress?

I still can't get over our Senator, Sessions, who told us that he was part of the executive branch of government! What is even more surprising, we keep sending him back up there. I have taken the time write to both of my senators and congressman. I've always received a response from Senator Shelby, but our congressman and Mr. Sessions, I've never heard back from them.

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