Monday, August 17, 2009

The Healthcare Debate

I know this is not directly related to the market, but health care will affect the economy so I'll comment on the bill.

The republicans tell us how they are very much upset at how fast Obama wants to move this health care bill. They are really upset the democrats want to push this bill right through and that they are hiding the cost of the bill. Guess what...They should know... They are experts at that. Isn't it funny how we soon forget that the Bush administration did the same thing in 2004 with the Medicaid Prescription bill. In fact, they enacted the same rule for the 15 minute rule vote. That's right. No copy of the legislation, nothing to read, they put in a vote in 15 minutes. That's exactly what the Bush administration did for the Medicaid Prescription bill. In fact 41 of the republicans asked could they please get 3 days to read the bill and Bush said, "No, apply the 15 minute rule." And now they criticize the democrats? Also, the republicans talk about the democrats lying about the cost of the health care bill, what about the Medicaid Drug bill? After it was safely signed on January 31, 2004, the Washington Post came out finally with the truth. The real cost for the first 10 years was not $400 billion, it was $580 billion. In fact the entire bill they said would only be $2 trillion dollars, but it was really $21.9 trillion!!! And 16 trillion was unfunded and now they are getting grumpy about the democrats?

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