Thursday, December 31, 2009

Few things the government does right

I just wanted to list a few more things the government has done right:
  1. The internet (the ARPAnet that preceded the internet) the government had a big part in that.
  2. The military fights wars well.
  3. A lot of research and development that has gone to cure disease, the government was a part of.
  4. NASA, the space program

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ATHX! What a rush!

ATHX. This stock has had an incredible run in the past few days, but yet I still think it has a ways to go. The major news is:
* Pfizer to develop and market Athersys' MultiStem
* Athersys to get up-front payment of $6 mln
* Athersys to receive milestone payments of up to $105 mln, along with tiered royalty payments on worldwide sales.

On this deal along ATHX will get an up-front payment of 6 million dollars. Last year, the company's total revenue of 3.1 million dollars. This 6 million upfront payment along with increase revenue 200%. This is HUGE! With milestone payments of $105 million dollars, this company should begin posting some healthy profits especially since it appears the R&D work has already been done.

Tuesday, an analyst came out with a price target of $8 / share. I believe this is quite possible just due to the amount of cash that will be infused in this company. Add to that the tiered royalty payments by a company who is a leading pharmacial sales company. ATHX $1/share days for over for a long time to come.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Government can't do anything right?

Everyone loves to say the government can't do anything right. There are plenty of things the government does right. Let's start off with the roads we drive on. Most of them are pretty good. I believe the Interstate System works very well in this country. It's great being able to drive long distances without having to slow down through towns and deal with stop lights. Most of the Interstate roads are in pretty good condition.

Second, consider the military. We have the strongest military in the world. Something to really be proud of. This is another thing that the government does a good job with. Can you imagine a military that is run my private industry? Trying to keep costs down?

Third, the post office does a great job is making sure my rate jacked Citibank and Amerian Express bills make it to me each month. Since 1987, I haven't missed receiving a single American Express statement!

I'm sure that are many other things that government does well. These are just a few examples.

I mentioned in an exchange with a fellow Twitterer that the government has done a good job preventing the economy from totally collapsing. His response was "correct saved it because they screwed it up in 1st place". The economy's collapse was caused by the government believing in total free enterprise and letting our Harvard M.B.A graduates have more freedom in their businesses by removing the very regulations that would have prevented the economic crises in the first place. So, yes, the twitter poster was correct in his statement, but if the government had not have relaxed their rules, the crises would have been subverted. The very people who pushed to have the rules removed, are the same people who ran to the government for help.

Then, when Obama approves the help, but attaches strings to the deal, all of a sudden months later, these companies 'find' the money to pay back the TARP.

As the child of a retired military soldier, I have had the opportunity to live in other countries and would tell you that there is no other country in the world, I would want to live in than the United States of America. Yes, we have our faults like many other countries, but we have a great country. Instead of just saying the government can't do anything right, use those energies to share your ideas for improving the government with your congressman.

My father always taught me the easiest thing to do in the world is complain! I teach my kids not to complain, but find a solution and share those solutions with us.